Solar panels

Sustainable energy from your own roof

Do you want solar panels on your roof to generate 100% renewable energy yourself? Solar energy is the way to go and it will help you save substantially on your energy bills from day one. Many roofs are suitable for solar panels, and the system can be installed on both flat and pitched roofs. However, there are a number of factors to consider. Is your roof suitable for solar panels?

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Solar panels on the roof

Increasingly, homes and business premises are being fitted with solar panels. A good thing, because in the coming years we need to look for alternative energy sources, which will make us less dependent on traditional, fossil fuel sources. Installing solar panels on your roof has many advantages:

✓ Saving money as well as earning it in the period after the payback period
✓ Space: especially on business premises, there is plenty of room for solar panels
✓ Increased house value thanks to sustainable elements
✓ Independence from the energy grid and therefore lower costs
✓ Solar panels on the roof hold their value for at least 25 years

Within the power guarantee, Soly promises that your solar panels will retain at least 84.8% of their power after the first 25 years. A sustainable promise for long-term quality.

A natural inclination

Solar panels on a pitched roof

A pitched roof offers excellent opportunities for solar panels, although you are somewhat dependent on the orientation and inclination of the roof. In principle, a south, east or west-facing roof is always suitable for solar panels. A north-facing sloping roof is less suitable, because the number of sunlight hours – and thus the yield – is lower. In terms of yield, this can vary by up to 30% annually and affects the payback time and savings in the short and long term.

High potential yield

Solar panels on a flat roof

Solar panels on a flat roof offer plenty of opportunities for high yields. You can install solar panels over the entire surface area of the flat roof, and in the case of an East/West arrangement, a bit more efficiently than on a sloping roof. We speak of a double-sided system which means guaranteed high yields from solar panels.

The efficiency of rooftop solar panels

Currently, the conditions in which people can opt for solar panels are very favourable. The UK maintains a 0% VAT on solar panels, and batteries if included in a solar order, until 2027. Extra nice, especially now that energy prices are at an all-time high. It is the ideal time to buy solar panels. What about in the future? Solar panels on the roof is a long-term investment. You still want to benefit from solar panels 20 years from now, but what if soon we will no longer be able to balance our bills or the power grid becomes full?

The energy market is always changing which means anticipating now what might happen in the future. The power grid is constantly being improved and expanded. Solar panels will therefore be able to produce and export increasingly more power. Making efficient use of your own solar energy, energy storage applications and flexible feed-in tariffs through the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG), the payback period on solar installation remains relatively short. Looking to invest in a sustainable future? Solar panels will reduce both your energy bills and your dependence on the power grid further.


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