We are a B Corp

Every year, thousands of customers switch to solar energy. This not only contributes to sustainability but benefits direct and indirect stakeholders and the planet as a whole. Moreover, as a B Corp, we do everything in our power to ensure that the impact is also positive for our customers, employees, and factory workers. It’s hard work. But it does oblige us to be critical of ourselves and strive for the best. You can read more about it in our Climate Action Report. We get a lot of energy from these kinds of challenges.


We will be energy neutral by 2030

As we install more solar panels, our land and fuel consumption increases. That’s why we committed to be fully carbon neutral by 2030 on the stage of the UN Climate Summit in 2019. With this commitment, Soly shows that it is indeed possible to operate successfully without negatively affecting the climate. We will do that 20 years earlier than the rest of the world, which won’t be carbon-neutral until 2050.

As a first big step towards carbon neutrality, in early 2021, we offset all our own CO₂ emissions since our inception in 2013. That amounts to over 500 tonnes of CO₂!


Just what is a B Corp anyway?

That’s a good question. Certified B Corporations use their business as a means to make our planet just a little better. Fellow B Corps include Tony’s Chocolonely, Ben & Jerry, and Patagonia – to name just a few. We are proud to be part of this movement with them because: One does not become and stay a B Corp just like that.

Any company that would like to call itself a B Corp goes through a rigorous selection test and undergoes it again every three years. In our first assessment in 2018, we scored 99.3 points. After three years, we went through the test again in 2021. This time with a score of 110.2! Check out our score on our B Corp page.


Climate Action

In order to be carbon neutral by 2030, we need to take action. We started by mapping the emissions of our entire chain: from the daily commute of our colleagues to the sea voyages of our solar panels from Shanghai to Rotterdam.

Find out exactly what we emit, where those emissions come from, and – more importantly – how we plan to reduce and offset them.

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Generating solar energy with a clear conscience

The partners and manufacturers we work with have a major impact on society and the climate. That’s why we are quite selective when it comes to our products. With Soly, you not only enjoy the best warranty, yield, and service life but also products from suppliers with the B Corp mentality. This guarantees not only sustainable and circular production and fair and safe working conditions but also a positive impact on the direct and indirect environment. At Soly in the United Kingdom, we believe it is important to safeguard our culture and values among all Soly customers. We strive to do this every day.



Knowledge base

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