What is the price of 10 solar panels?

Do you want to have 10 solar panels installed and are curious about the cost, but want to orientate it yourself first? That way you will soon be assured of the best conditions and highest yield from solar panels. Take the step towards a sustainable world together with Soly. The investment in solar panels will pay for itself in no time and then the real savings will begin. We will gladly help you by giving you more information about the cost of 10 solar panels.

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Including installation

The average price 10 solar panels

The price for 10 solar panels starts at around £ 5,000 including installation and at 0% VAT. The exact cost depends on several factors, such as the type of roof, the orientation and angle of inclination, the system chosen (series or parallel) and the materials required. Within our Solar Configurator, you can calculate your savings with 10 solar panels in three steps and receive an indication of the payback period. An all-inclusive price for solar panels, with no surprises afterwards. That is the transparency of Soly. Find out more.


Calculate the price for 10 solar panels

Before you calculate the cost of 10 solar panels, it is important to know how the price is built up. This is because behind the solar panels there is an entire system. Besides the microinverters and the solar panels, everything from cabling to the mounting materials will work to ensure that you get the most out of solar panels for the next 30 years.

If you choose to buy 10 solar panels, you get full ownership of the system. You pay a pre-negotiated amount, including assembly and installation, and at 0% VAT.

modulating efficiency

Warranty and efficiency 10 solar panels

Solar panels convert sunlight into direct current, after which the microinverter invert the solar energy into alternating current for domestic use. Soly’s solar panels guarantee a 21.27% modulating efficiency, combined with as much as 425 Wp of power. That’s higher than many of our competitors. And we continue to invest in our products, so that you will still benefit from great returns on solar panels 20 years from now.

Thanks to the 25-year power guarantee from our supplier, we ensure that your solar panels will fully meet your expectations within this period.