The cost and yield of 6 solar panels

Are you curious about the cost of 6 solar panels and would you like to know more about the payback period? Together with Soly, take the step towards 100% sustainable energy. Solar energy makes you less dependent on the electricity grid and results in direct savings on your energy bill. Which is nice in this day and age! A system with 6 solar panels without a battery starts at around £ 3,700 at 0% VAT. In our Solar Configurator, you can also directly calculate the yield from 6 solar panels. This gives an excellent indication of the payback period.

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Calculating the cost of 6 solar panels

What 6 solar panels will cost you depends on a number of aspects. At Soly, we would like to tell you how the solar panel costs are established. For example, do you opt to buy solar panels? Then you pay a total solar panel price and have the system all to yourself. From then on, you will start saving on energy and costs every month. The average price of 6 solar panels without a battery starts at around £ 3,700 at 0% VAT. However, the final price depends on the situation on the roof, the choice of a system wired in parallel versus in series, and the materials required.

Saving on energy

Efficiency 6 solar panels

The return on 6 solar panels is around 21.27% on average, and depends on the inclination and orientation of the roof, amongst other things. We even see regional differences within the UK in the number of hours of sunlight per year, so the yield in Isle of Wight can be different from that in Manchester. We have included all factors that determine the yield of 6 solar panels in our Solar Configurator. This gives an excellent indication of the yield from solar panels at your address.

Available space

Is my roof suitable for 6 solar panels?

Every roof is different. A skylight or chimney can affect the available space for solar panels on the roof. Do you want to know whether your roof is suitable for 6 solar panels? The Solar Configurator can help you out. A fully integrated tool in which we look at both a bird’s-eye and front view of the house. We tell you all about the possibilities of 6 solar panels on your roof.

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How is the price for 6 solar panels constructed?

Many people wonder about the cost of solar panels. Solar panels are the visible part of the system, but there is much more to the complete installation. The system also differs depending on location (flat roof versus sloping roof) and choice of parallel or series-connected system. The fixed elements of each system:

✓ 6 solar panels
✓ Microinverters
✓ Mounting materials
✓ Cables
✓ Installation costs
✓ Transport costs

Keep in mind that with Soly, for a set of 6 solar panels, you must have at least 12 m² of available space on the roof, excluding a margin of distance from the ridge and the edges of the roof. Prior to installation, we will conduct a comprehensive online roof scan to make sure your roof is suitable for 6 solar panels.