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One mission

In 2013, brothers Patrick and Milan van den Meulen founded Soly with one mission: to provide solar energy access to all. We have been working towards a world with affordable, carbon-neutral, and decentralised energy, and since, then Soly has since expanded to South Africa, Belgium, Germany, Italy, and the UK.

As a Soly customer, you are part of a community of more than 31,000 households and businesses who, like yourself, are committed to a sustainable future.

To enable us to make solar accessible to all UK households, we work with a network of trusted local installers across the country, who are accredited by HIES, TrustMark and MCS.

Soly throughout the years

From a dot on the horizon to a mission-driven organisation, every step brings us closer to a greener future. Soly’s journey over the years has been sunny. From a clear vision, we have grown to become a leading player in the solar industry. And with determination and innovation, we reach countless milestones, always keeping one mission in mind:

Solar energy for all. It is possible.


Not only the best in the world but also the best for the world

Soly is a B Corp company. You can see that not only from the B Corp certificate – but also in everything we do. We take extra steps for the environment, for social equality, and for our employees. We are also always transparent in our policies. As a result, our mission and our profits are perfectly balanced.

Carbon neutral by 2030
We have a goal: to be carbon neutral by 2030. In 2019 at the UN Climate Conference in Madrid, we committed to reduce our CO₂ emissions to zero by 2030 along with 500 other B Corp organisations.

But in order to make this a reality, there is still a lot of work to be done. Among other things, we will map our total emissions to ensure that we emit as little greenhouse gases as possible. We will then offset any remaining emissions. We include all our suppliers and partners and make sure we share our sustainable mission with academic institutions. Because with business, we really can make a difference.


Knowledge base

While you are still here: have a look at our knowledge base. It's full of information concerning the benefits and possibilities of solar energy. And we do our bit. Here are some of the most interesting topics we already covered.
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How many solar panels do I need?
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