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The advantages of solar energy

Take advantage of the sun. The United Kingdom has been experiencing warm and sunny summers lately. This means that most households can benefit from the numerous advantages of solar panels. Don’t have a solar installation yet? No need to worry. You can benefit from the advantages next summer. All the extra hours of sunshine will provide you with personal and financial benefits. What are the biggest advantages of solar panels?

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A sustainable investment in the future

Are you thinking about the possibilities of living more comfortably later on? Good job! Solar energy is the cleanest and most sustainable source of energy. You are not alone; in 2022, a record number of British households had solar panels installed. Discover more about the benefits of home solar panels with Soly.

✓ Financial advantages of solar energy
Solar energy is highly sustainable and is considered a standalone alternative to the energy grid. It will make you a lot less dependent on the traditional energy grid, which is still largely dependent on fossil fuels. Because of this, we have recently been faced with higher energy prices. By choosing the green power of solar energy – generated from your own roof – you will save on your energy bills from day one. It really is that simple!

What exactly do the financial advantages of solar panels look like at Soly?

We can explain this using a calculation. The average British household consumed on average 2,900 kWh of energy in 2022. That means that by 2022 – as a non-owner of solar panels – you will have spent between €1,000 and €1,500 on electricity on average. With a system consisting of eight solar panels, you could have saved €1,300 last year – with virtually no additional costs. The financial benefits from solar panels are enormous.

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✓ Solar panels and Smart Home applications
Our solar panels fit in perfectly with our future living situation. We are increasingly using smart devices, which can be controlled remotely with mobile applications. These can enable you to run your dishwasher and washing machine at times when your solar panels are generating the most power. This way, you can put the solar power you generate during the day to immediate use.

You can use a home battery as a back-up and temporarily store excess solar energy. You can use that energy in the evening to light your home, charge your electric vehicle, or cook on your induction hob.

Solar panels are becoming ever more accessible

Making solar energy accessible to everyone; that is the main mission of Soly. And we are succeeding in our mission. We understand that purchasing solar panels is a big investment. That’s why we also provide the option to rent solar panels from us. We will install your solar panels, and you will then pay a fixed monthly fee over a 10-year period to rent the system. A subscription to the sun – with all the associated benefits of solar panels. By offering both the purchase and rental concepts, we make solar panels widely accessible to most households in the United Kingdom.


✓ A solar system requires little maintenance
Once the solar panels are installed, you essentially have nothing to worry about. We even offer a long-term power and production guarantee – because we believe in the power of our system. Your solar panels may produce a little less solar energy over time. But that power loss (degradation) is only marginal. That means you will still enjoy high yields from your solar panels – even 20 years from now.

And cleaning solar panels? Only in exceptional cases. Your solar panels are more or less self-cleaning. Thanks to the special coating, this is especially true in the first years after installation of the solar panels. If there is any obstruction from dust or sand, it is usually washed off with the next rainfall. After about six or seven years, it is wise to clean the solar panels with reverse osmosis water.

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