This is how we install solar panels

If you have chosen solar panels from Soly, we take care of everything necessary to get your installation commissioned. Before we start installing solar panels, you will have already gone through a number of steps. Together we will have decided how many solar panels will be installed on your roof, what the costs will be and approximately how much energy the system will generate. With that, you are ready to become the owner of your very own solar installation. Find out more about solar installations at Soly.

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A suitable roof for solar panels

Each roof is different. This means we look carefully at such things as the available space on the roof, where on a roof is best in terms of irradiance, and of course the general state the roof is in, all through our pre-install technical review. Equally, we ensure the household has the right power supply, a consumer unit that is up to code in order for us to be able to install onto it, configure of course a microinverter system to its specifications, as well as evaluate the property’s roofing type to which your solar panels will be mounted. At Soly, we pride ourselves on providing solar installations that are safe and up to the highest standards. Everything has to be perfect, so that you will be able to enjoy the same high quality in a few years’ time, as you would now.

Within one day

Installing solar panels

After we have discussed the possibilities for solar panels at your address during the online consultation, we will send you a personalised quote. When you choose to proceed with the quotation, we schedule a date for the installation of the solar panels as soon as possible. On the day of installation, our certified installation team will revisit and discuss the install procedure and plan with you once more. Depending on the size of the project, we will install the solar panels within one day. Is the solar system operational? Then you can start enjoying your very own solar energy!

Jinko Solar

Which solar panels does Soly use?

We currently install solar panels from a supplier called Jinko Solar. This manufacturer has been a long-time partner and is renowned globally for its ongoing focus on quality and innovation. We currently install the Jinko Tiger Neo N-Type Mono-Facial modules, which have a peak output of 425 Wp. The Jinko Solar modules’ dimensions measure at 1762 (L) x 1134 (W) x 30 (D) mm. The solar panels come with a 25-year product warranty and no less than a 30-year linear power warranty. This means you have a product of incredibly durable quality. The module efficiency of the solar panels, at no less than 21.27%, is above average compared to modules offered by competitors on the market.

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Calculation of your potential

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Flat or pitched roof

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Orientation of roof

What is the (most suitable) orientation of your roof: North / West / South / East


Type of roofing

What type of roofing do you have: Clay plain tiling / slate tiling / concrete tiling / metal sheets (box profile, standing seam, corrugated) / fibre cement sheets / flat roof bitumen/asphalt / EPDM / fibreglass


Desired number of solar panels

Based on the variables above, we recommend x-number of solar panels


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Are you ready to install solar panels? Find out more on our website. You will also find the same information in your e-mail should you have approved of Soly’s quote. We are excited to be your partner on the road to a more sustainable future. A future in which you become increasingly independent from the energy grid, save money with your own green energy and make a positive contribution to the world around us. Welcome to Soly!


Knowledge base

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