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    Soly Partnerships

    What's in it for you?


    Advocate Sustainable Living

    Take a step to meet your sustainability targets and ensure your company is helping to safeguard our planet for future generations.


    Excellent Customer Reputation

    Despite only recently launching in the UK in September 2023, we have had lots of brilliant customer reviews, earning us an ‘Excellent’ rating on Trustpilot and 4.8 stars on Google. We are proud to be a Which? Trusted Trader , as well as MCS, HIES and TrustMark accredited.  Your customers are in safe hands.

    Soly Partnerships

    What's in it for your customers?


    Soly is a global expert in solar energy

    With 11 years of experience in the solar industry, we are experts at what we do and have helped over 35,000 satisfied customers worldwide make the switch to a clean, renewable energy source.


    Digital, user-friendly journey 

    We have created a smooth, digital journey for our customers to follow. After a quick phone call with one of our solar experts, customers will be provided with a competitive quote and will see how much they could save on their energy bills. They will then be guided through to installation and beyond by a dedicated project manager.


    Best products at the best price

    We offer premium products with market-leading warranties at incredible prices.

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    Let’s work together to make the world a brighter, cleaner place.

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    Knowledge base

    While you are still here: have a look at our knowledge base. It's full of information concerning the benefits and possibilities of solar energy. And we do our bit. Here are some of the most interesting topics we already covered.
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    How many solar panels do I need?
    “How many solar panels do I need?” This is a common question people ask themselves when they are considering whether to purchase or rent solar panels.
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    Difference between serial and parallel connection of solar modules
    “My roof is partly in the shade, but I would like solar panels. Is that possible?” This is a question we often hear during telephone consultations. Find out more.
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    How much CO₂ emissions can be saved with solar panels?
    In addition to the financial benefits, lower carbon emissions is also a good reason to have solar panels installed. We will tell you all there is to know.