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Soly Customer Story: Marco’s Solar Installation within 4 weeks

At Soly, customer satisfaction is our top priority. We're passionate about helping customers achieve their desired solar project and we love hearing about the savings and benefits solar brings them. We want to share stories and insights from our customers in the hope that they might inspire you to start your own solar journey with Soly. You can also check out our excellent customer reviews which have earned us 4.7/5 stars on Trustpilot and 4.9 stars on Google. In the first instalment of our 'Happy Customer' series, we spoke to Marco Rossi, whose story demonstrates Soly's commitment to excellent, efficient customer service and our promise to be with you every step of the way: from consultation, to installation and beyond.

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    We spoke to customer Marco Rossi about his solar journey

    Marco had always been intrigued by the concept of powering his home with solar power but ultimately it was the rising energy prices that prompted him to go ahead with installation. After a negative experience with his council’s initiative, he came across Soly through a comparison website and was impressed by the efficient and clear communication he received. Within a month, Marco had 12 panels and a battery installed with Soly and is now thrilled to be generating his own energy and saving money on his bills. Let’s delve deeper into Marco’s motivations for looking into solar energy, his experience throughout the process and his advice to those considering going solar:


    What led you to look into solar panels?

    “I’ve been interested in solar panels for a very long time. Even before buying my house, I did some general research to see what was available and how they could work, but it wasn’t until about 3-4 years ago that I started looking into installing them seriously. Around that time I received a leaflet about an initiative from Lewisham Council to install solar panels. It looked genuine but with the electricity cost of that period, it would take me 16/17 years to repay the cost of their installation, so I wasn’t sure if a similar investment could be worthwhile. I was aware of the environmental benefits but I was hoping that getting my electricity from a “green” company could have almost the same impact. After the price hikes, I thought that this was now the moment to move forward. From a rough analysis, I realised that I could repay the cost of the panels in less than 10 years. I proceeded with the Lewisham initiative but it turned out to be a massive fraud. Luckily I managed to get all my money back. Despite having this negative and very stressful experience, I didn’t lose hope and after a few months I started looking online again.”

    Why did you choose Soly? 

    “I think I’ve been extremely lucky to find Soly and it happened by chance! I googled in search of companies that could provide solar panels and take care of the whole process. I sent some enquiries around, but received no responses. Then I found a sort of search engine for solar panel companies called CompareSolar which is where I found Soly! I thought I would give it a try and, as soon as I had provided my details, I received a call to book in for a chat with a consultant. I was quite impressed but also had some reservations. As you can imagine, after my previous experience, I felt I needed to be more cautious.”


    • Soly offers MCS-certified solar panel installation nationwide
    • Our inverters and panels come with 25 year product guarantees as well as a 10 year workmanship guarantee
    • We’re proud to be a Which? Trusted Trader and a GivEnergy Approved Installer
    • With over 10 years of experience, we’ve helped thousands of customers save money on their energy bills

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    What was the Soly sales process like? 

    “Can I say divine? I don’t want to exaggerate but, compared to my previous experience, the process with Soly was perfect and even beyond that. I still cannot believe that it took something like only 1 month to complete the whole process. I was (and still I am) very impressed.”


    How did the installation day go? 

    “Despite some minor barriers, the installation day went really well. The electricians arrived early in the morning and after checking a few details with me, they went away to buy what they needed. Then they worked relentlessly until 4.30pm doing most of the electrical part however they were unable to complete it because the panels were not there yet, which I found a bit odd. But considering how smooth the process had been so far, I wasn’t worried.  The guys with the panels arrived around 6.00pm. I couldn’t believe that they were still working. I asked if they wanted to leave the panels here and come back the next day but they were determined to finish the work. They worked until 9.00pm without stopping. And it was great. Absolutely perfect. The installation was completed approximately 10 days later (but only because we had the Easter break in between). Some other electricians came to complete the installation and they knew all about what was previously done. I was very pleased about that. They worked again until 2/3.00pm and once they left, my panels were already providing a massive amount of solar energy. Magnificent!”


    What benefits have you seen since your installation with Soly?

    “I’ve finally become independent from the energy suppliers (at least for electricity…next step will be a heat pump!) I have 12 panels and even when the sky is a bit cloudy, I can still produce enough electricity for all my needs. On sunny days, the panels can provide so much energy that I think I could sustain even my neighbours. It’s so good!”

    'Perfect in every aspect, especially communication'

    Describe your overall experience with Soly. 

    “Perfect. Just perfect in every aspect and especially in communication. Having one sales consultant communicating with me throughout the whole process was a massive benefit. No waiting in calls with terrible songs, no need to wait weeks or months before getting a reply, and no need to explain my story again and again because there is always a different person talking to you, who has no idea who you are and what you want. I think that if every company could be as efficient as Soly, this world would be much better!”


    Would you recommend Soly to a friend? 

    “Absolutely! I have already recommended Soly to multiple people and I think some of them have already booked their initial call.”


    What advice would you give to others considering switching to solar? 

    “Do not be put off by their cost. There are so many benefits of powering your home with solar energy and, with the current energy costs, you will start to see savings every month.

    Also, if you tend to spend most of your time out during the day, you must get a battery, otherwise the panels will not give you anything more. Generally speaking, I think that adding a battery is the best possible decision.”


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