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Why opt for a solar battery?

When you generate your own power, you naturally want to use it entirely yourself. With a home battery, you can store excess power for use in the evening. The benefits of a home battery are undeniable. You will be even less dependent on the grid for electricity, thereby increasing your savings. Thanks to the battery, you will become largely self-sufficient and therefore not be affected by the rising cost of energy. And even when there is a power failure, you will still have “normal” access to power thanks to the solar panel battery. Nice!

Constant access to renewable electricity

With a renewable battery, you can store green power and use it later. This allows you to run your washing machine and dishwasher in the evening under more favourable conditions.

Direct savings on energy costs

Save on energy, especially when energy is expensive. But also if the price slightly drops again soon. Home batteries are perhaps the product of the future.

Efficient use of solar panels

With a home battery, you immediately become less dependent on the energy grid. That’s sustainable progress! We will help you choose a future-proof solution.

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How does a solar battery function?

During the day, your solar panels actually generate power constantly. However, that power is mostly not used directly. That’s because you are often not at home during the day. The excess energy is thereby fed back into the energy grid. With a smart solar battery from Soly, you can increase your independence from the energy grid from 40–60% to 60–80%. This is because a considerable portion of the power that would otherwise be fed back to the grid during the day will be stored in the battery. This is where you can simply tap your electricity from in the evening.

What is a home battery?

When installing a home battery, the Solar Battery becomes part of the existing system of solar panels, microinverter, and grid. Depending on the situation on your roof, you may experience a surplus of generated power (i.e. a production surplus). The battery will store excess power which you can draw from when your solar panels are producing too little or even no power.

Solar battery with solar panels

The energy transition is in full swing. As a result, people are living and working more sustainably. This poses a major challenge: on sunny days, there is a risk of putting extra load on the electricity grid.

You can solve this problem with a solar battery and smart power use. Make sure you are consuming the most energy when you are generating free power. With a home battery, you can ensure that surplus power is stored when the sun is not shining.

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Enphase 5kWh Battery

The home battery is an essential part of your home energy network. For this reason, quality and safety are very important. The Enphase battery is developed in the United States and made for optimal longevity and safety.

High-quality design and high storage capacity
Made in the US with the latest technology
15-year product warranty on the battery
Compatible with any solar system

The Enphase packages from Soly

We make solar energy accessible to everyone who wants to make a difference today and help build the sustainable world of tomorrow. That’s why we give you advice that is completely tailored to your situation and provide sustainable solar panels with the highest efficiency.

Powercell® Popular

£ 4,750Incl. VAT
Storage capacity 3,5 kWh
Guaranteed 6,000 charging cycles
15-year product warranty
Installation included
For use with up to 10 solar panels

Powercell® Plus

£ 6,750Incl. VAT
Storage capacity 7 kWh
Installation included
15-year product warranty
Guaranteed 6,000 charging cycles
For use with up to 15 solar panels

Powercell® Premium

£ 8,300Incl. VAT
Storage capacity 10,5 kWh
Installation included
15-year product warranty
Guaranteed 6,000 charging cycles
For use from 15 solar panels

Solar panels & battery

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    Purchasing a home battery

    If you would like to purchase a battery for your home, there are several things to consider. You thus want a home battery that effectively suits your current and/or future situation, thereby allowing you to take full advantage of sustainable and self-generated energy. Cost-effectiveness is and will remain important to many people in the transition to renewable energy. What factors will influence your choice?

    Price and yield of a home battery
    Are you curious about the price of a home battery? If you choose a battery combined with solar panels, you can easily calculate the price in our Solar Configurator. Or you can simply request a free offer. We can then provide you with a no-obligation indication and calculation of the cost and yield of a home battery based on your current situation and the number of modules considered.

    Properties of battery solar panels
    Service life of a home battery

    Finally, we discuss the service life of a home battery. A home battery operates on the basis of charge cycles: charging or discharging the battery in order to provide power to the household whilst safely storing the excess solar energy generated. The expected service life of the Enphase home battery from Soly has a life span of 6000 cycles.

    Payback period of battery

    Based on current energy prices, a solar panel system will pay for itself within a few years. With a home battery, this is slightly more complex. In order to be able to make a statement about the payback period of home batteries, we primarily look at three factors: price, storage capacity, and your energy consumption. We also monitor how this compares with injecting power back into the energy grid.

    Home battery

    Taking it one step ahead

    A home battery is now increasingly becoming a viable alternative. With consumption of around 7,000 kWh and based on current rates, a payback period of 5–6 years can be assumed. In general, however, market developments are still evolving to such an extent that the payback period on a home battery will more often be around 9 to 10 years. In future, the payback period on home batteries will shorten.

    Storage capacity
    When choosing a home battery, the storage capacity is an essential factor. There are four things that determine storage capacity:

    • Energy production from solar panels
    • Annual power consumption
    • When you consume power on the day
    • The desired storage of the home battery

    The storage capacity of our current home battery models start from 9.6 kW with three modules and can be expanded in steps of 3.5 kW to a maximum of 25.6 kW with eight modules. The home battery is expandable over its service life. For example, if you decide to install more solar panels on your roof.

    Would you like to know what is the best storage capacity in your situation? Divide your expected yield by 730.

    Your annual yield equals 6,000 kWh divided by 730 = 8.2. The next step in module level is 10 kW. This is thus the best battery for your needs. For annual consumption of up to 8,000 kWh, a nominal capacity of 10 kW is almost always sufficient.

    This makes our home batteries efficient enough to meet electricity needs during evening hours and on cloudy days for most of the year.

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