Solar panels

What are the pros and cons of solar panels?

By installing solar panels, you are able to generate your own renewable energy. You are less dependent on the energy grid and save hundreds of pounds on your energy bill every year. What’s more, these sustainable choices mean you can reduce your carbon footprint. Keep reading to learn about the pros and cons of installing solar panels.

Pros of solar panels

Are you already thinking about the possibilities of living even more comfortably later on? Solar panels make life more advantageous now and in the long term. Discover more about the advantages of solar panels at your address with Soly.

Pro1: Save up to 80% on your electricity bill
The price of electricity has been quite volatile in recent years. Want to be less dependent on energy grid prices? Then solar panels are a smart move. Thanks to solar panels, you can become up to 80% independent of the energy grid, immediately reducing your energy bill. That’s a big pro for solar panels.

Pro2: Reduce your carbon footprint
Besides the financial benefit of solar panels, this choice has another important advantage for you: you are making a significant contribution to a cleaner world. Because you are largely switching to renewable energy from the sun, you are less dependent on grey electricity, which comes from fossil fuels.

Pro3: Become energy independent
As we mentioned before, grid indepence is one of the main pros of solar panels. Moreover, solar panels are just the beginning of your energy-independent future. In the coming years, we will increasingly see solar panels combined with other sustainable solutions, such as the home battery and home charging station.

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Cons of solar panels

Con1: Relatively large investment (but with a short payback period)
Buying solar panels is a hefty investment, but one that is well worth it. Moreover, you will benefit from a short payback period because you will start saving a lot of money on your energy bills from day one. With that, however, we don’t want to downplay the initial investment. You will need to set aside some budget for the switch to solar energy, but after that you will be more profitable every day.

Con2: Modifications in- and outside your house
Installing solar panels is more complex than you might expect beforehand. Some modifications have to be made both indoors and outdoors, after which the system can be successfully installed. However, we will clearly communicate in the preliminary stage what needs to be done, as you will be well prepared.

Con3: Regular maintenance required (?)
Once the solar panels are on your roof, you will want to enjoy them for as long as possible. That means periodic maintenance is important, no matter how small or large. Fortunately, the system can be monitored remotely, and any repairs can almost always be carried out within the warranty.


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Can solar panels be recycled?
The short answer is yes, it is possible to recycle solar panels. When all raw materials are recovered, they can be recycled to create new solar panels.
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How long does it take to install solar panels?
We can never say exactly how much time the installation of your solar panels will take. This is because the duration depends on various factors.
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What is the payback period of solar panels?
If you prefer to purchase solar panels, you’ll be making a big investment up front. After installment, you'll start saving a lot of money.