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Soly is accredited with HIES Consumer Code

HIES Consumer Code proudly welcomes Soly, a global solar energy company with local installers, in the United Kingdom.

HIES Consumer Code Welcomes Soly as Soly Ventures into UK Market

HIES Consumer Code proudly welcomes Soly, a global solar energy company with local installers, as Soly establishes themselves in the United Kingdom and onboard with HIES. As a B Corporation backed by Shell, Soly offers high-quality, safe, and innovative solar technology and installations to homes across the UK.

A significant development for the UK’s renewable energy industry, HIES Consumer Code is pleased to welcome Soly as a new member, reinforces the shared commitment to providing accessible, high quality solar installations for homeowners.


HIES - Soly Collaboration

The collaboration between Soly and HIES signifies a shared dedication to delivering top tier solar solutions while upholding the highest standards of consumer protection. The synergy marks a pivotal moment for the industry as these two industry leaders embark on a journey of excellence together.

Soly, founded in the Netherlands in 2013 and available in UK, Brussels, Germany, Italy and South Africa, is committed to making solar energy accessible to all and driving positive change in the industry. By using the most advanced technology from Enphase and Jinko, Soly installs products that last. Furthermore, having received a new round of funding, 30€ million, Soly demonstrates confidence in the market and the long term, focused on caring for their customers.


Jonathon Moorhouse, HIES Head of Business, comments

I’m thrilled to announce Soly coming onboard with HIES as they step into the UK solar industry, bringing with them a huge amount of experience in solar energy solutions. Joining forces together truly underlines our commitment to excellence and consumer protection together.”


Neil Anderson - UK Country Manager Soly, comments

“We’re really excited to onboard with HIES and bolster consumer protection in the UK’s solar market. HIES are aligned with our commitment to exceptional service, and this collaboration ensures homeowners receive top-tier solutions with added peace of mind through the comprehensive consumer protection and advocacy for quality standards. Together, we aim to streamline solar PV installations, offering not just advanced technology but also robust consumer protection measures. This partnership underscores our shared vision of sustainability and customer satisfaction, empowering more homeowners to embrace renewable energy solutions for a greener future.”


As Soly ventures into the UK as a member of HIES, consumers can anticipate an elevated standard of service and innovation for their solar installations.



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Benefits of HIES Consumer Code to Soly Customers