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How great that you are looking for the costs for 20 solar panels! This means that you have taken the first step towards sustainable energy. Will you join us on our journey to a sustainable future? That is a future in which you can save a lot on your energy bill. Take advantage of Soly's free roof scan and receive a no-obligation quote for 20 PV panels. Solar energy for everyone. It's possible.

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Average price of 20 solar panels

Let’s first look at the price for 20 solar panels if you choose to buy solar panels. The price for 20 solar panels starts at around £ 8,200 pounds. The exact costs, as well as the yield estimate, depend on various factors, such as the slope and orientation of the roof, and the choice of a series versus parallel system. With our free roof scan for solar panels you can quickly and easily discover more about the price of solar panels.


Costs of 20 PV panels

Free quotation for solar panels

Calculate the costs for 20 solar panels? We’ve already done that for you! We have taken everything into account: the mounting materials for the system, assembly, installation and even the 0% VAT. That gives you the best indication of the costs of 20 PV panels. We have also included regional differences in sunshine hours, the angle of inclination and the orientation of the roof in the indicative yield. In our no-obligation quote, based on the analysis from the Solar Configurator, we provide insight into the cost price.


Efficiency 20 solar panels

Payback in solar energy

We express the return from solar panels in Watt peak. This also includes the peak power of a PV panel. The peak power of solar panels is the maximum power of PV panels under test conditions. In practice, however, this peak power will not be structurally reached, meaning that the potential yield is slightly lower than the return calculation.

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Solar panels at Soly

At Soly, we use solar panels with a peak power output of 425 Wp. In practice, 1 Wp is approximately equal to 0.88 kWh. The yield of 20 solar panels could therefore translate to about 7,500 kWh worth of energy per year. We take into account the impact of external factors, such as weather conditions and the changing position of the sun during the year.



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