Solar battery

Why opt for solar panels with a solar battery?

Once you generate power with solar panels, you will be listed as a small solar energy producer. In addition to saving money on your energy bill, you are also becoming energy independent and reducing your carbon footprint. You may be able to generate more solar energy than you consume. In that case, the surplus power is delivered back to the electricity grid. Sinful? We think so too. That's why we recommend choosing solar panels in combination with a home battery, to store your solar energy to use when you need it.

What is a solar battery?

A solar battery allows you to temporarily store excess power that you have generated with solar panels. You can then use this energy at times when your solar panels are not generating enough energy, such as during the evening when the sun is not shining. This way, you really get the most out of your self-generated energy. Take advantage of all the benefits of the solar battery.

How big is a solar battery?
The solar battery is the same size as a gas boiler or a small washing machine. We recommend placing the home battery in a cool and spacious location, such as in the garage. What is the capacity of the solar battery, also known as a home battery? Currently, solar batteries are quite an investment.

How do we determine exactly how much battery capacity you need to create sufficient storage? This is actually quite logical and explainable. We keep a fixed margin per kWh. That way, you can still store enough power on the battery for later use, and as an alternative you will be able feed power back to the grid on the extremely sunny days. Per kiloWatt peak (kWp) of the solar panel installation, we therefore recommend 1 to 1.5 kWh of battery power. So suppose the solar panel installation has 6 kWp capacity, we choose an 8 kWh home battery.

Payback period

Is a solar battery with solar panels cost-effective?

The solar battery is a new product that has only recently entered the market. This means that it is relatively expensive. Fortunately, you may be eligible for a loan with favorable terms. You can borrow up to £ 5,000 for a solar battery storage system, with a payback period of 5 to 10 years, depending on the installation.

Adequate remote roof scan

How many solar panels will fit my roof?

You can find out how many solar panels you can fit on your roof by completing our Solar Configurator. This super handy online tool remotely calculates the space on the roof and the number of solar panels you can fit. We are happy to advise you about the possibilities and provide transparent advice about the added value of a home battery in your personal situation.

Solar panels + Solar battery

Sustainable savings

Investing in solar panels lays the foundation for sustainable savings, yielding benefits that you’ll soon experience or might already be enjoying. If you’re contemplating purchasing a home battery, it’s advisable to always do so in conjunction with solar panels. You can then store the excess power generated from solar panels with the home battery. Using our Solar Configurator, you simply enter your current power consumption, and based on the selected number of solar panels, you will see how much power you can generate per year. This reveals the potential surplus of solar energy you can create.

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Calculate the price of solar panels and a solar battery

The average price for a solar battery is between £ 4.500 and £ 8.000, largely depending upon the capacity. Currently, you can benefit from solar battery grants in the United Kingdom. It is indeed financially profitable to opt for solar panels combined with a solar battery.

If you want to buy or rent solar panels in combination with a home battery, you will benefit from significant advantages at Soly. With our Solar Configurator, you will immediately see the total costs of the number of selected solar panels including the home battery. This means you know exactly what the costs are and what your expected energy yields will be.

Yield solar panels with solar battery
If you choose the combination of solar panels and a home battery, then we are not talking directly about “yield. During the day, solar panels can generate a fluctuating number of kWh. When you are not at home during the day, and therefore use electronics less, you will have an energy surplus. This surplus of generated solar energy is stored in the home battery.

When you get home in the evening, your energy needs increase, but the solar panels cannot generate solar energy at night. Fortunately, you do not need to use the electricity grid directly. Instead, you can use a home battery to save money on your energy bills. How high those savings are thanks to the solar panels and home battery depends on the daily yield, consumption and capacity of both the solar panels and home battery. Want to calculate your benefit? You can do that with our Solar Configurator.

Modular system
Did you know that the installation of solar panels and the home battery are modular? This means that you can expand the chosen system at any time with additional modules. Do you currently have eight solar panels, but want to expand to 12? You can. You can also add separate modules to the home battery, for example, if the expansion of the solar panel installation calls for it.


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