Solar panels

How long does it take to install solar panels?

We can never say exactly how much time the installation of your solar panels will take. This is because the duration depends on various factors. For example, the working method of the installation team plays a role in how long it takes to install. In fact, it’s possible to install solar panels within one working day. This is true for systems with up to 20 solar panels. Naturally, if you are installing a larger volume of solar panels, it may take more time to ensure a correct and robust installation. When working with larger projects, some installers may carry out the initial work on the first working day, and then install the system in its entirety on the next working day.

Solar panel installation work

The process of solar panel installation involves several steps. The exact work differs depending on whether you are installing indoors or outdoors. Here are some of the differences between indoor and outdoor installations:

Indoor work

  • Installation of inverters, often in the attic or technical room;
    • Only when using a central string inverter (serial);
  • With a central string inverter: cabling from the panels to the inverter and from the inverter to the meter box;
  • Optional: adjustments in the meter box, and
  • Installation of the monitoring infrastructure.

Outdoor work

  • Communication with customer about laying and installation plan for solar panels;
  • Optional: erection of scaffolding for installers;
  • Mounting material for installing the solar panels is fixed on the roof;
  • Installation of the solar panels on the roof;
  • Laying infrastructure solar panels and inverter, and
  • Optional: cable route from inverter to meter box.

As you would expect, the installation takes extensive preparation. The installer will communicate the exact process to the customer.

Process after offer signing

Preparing for installation day

Before the solar panels are installed on your roof, you have often already completed a number of steps. You have requested one or more quotations and have spoken at length with an adviser. You should have been kept informed of developments towards the day of installation through mailings or via the personal application environment. So, as a customer, you are actively involved in the process from orientation to the installation of solar panels and know what to expect.

Installation day

Installation of solar panels

For the installation of solar panels, a full installation team will visit you. This is convenient, as it allows various indoor and outdoor activities to take place at the same time. Our installation teams are certified as standard and work according to the latest guidelines. First, the installation team will prepare everything on and around the roof so that the solar panels can be installed on the roof seamlessly.

Next, we will create a suitable roof penetration to facilitate the cable route. We will tailor this to the chosen connection type, such as parallel or series, and make sure that it is concealed neatly. We will check whether we can use conduits for this purpose. If this is not possible, we will explore alternative routes either through the house or along the exterior facade to ensure an optimal solution.

Delivery of the system

Once all components of the system are connected together, the installation can be handed over. At Soly, we believe in restoring the environment to the same, or better, condition than we found it. That means disposing of any dust or packaging materials from the inverter and solar panels. After completing the installation, the installer will discuss the handover with you.

Note that you still have to register the solar panels yourself. Once you are registered, you can start using the net-metering scheme and feed-in compensation.

How long does solar panel installation take after signing the quote?
At Soly, we will install your solar panels within four weeks of your no-obligation quote request. That means you will be enjoying all the benefits of solar energy in no time.

Consistency and quality in installation
We value consistency and guarantee high quality in our work. For this reason, our installation teams are extensively prepared for the day of installation. We share the laying plan that you, the customer, have made with our advisers, so that the installer can prepare for the work ahead of time. We also maintain meticulous standards in terms of service and communication. This gives you complete confidence and makes the installation of solar panels a clearer and simple process for you and the installation team.


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