Solar panels

You’ve received a quotation for solar panels. What’s next?

When searching for solar panels, most buyers request several quotes. This makes sense, as it allows you to make an informed decision between different providers and installers. Once you have a quote for solar panels, the real work starts. You start comparing based on the costs, payback period and guarantees of solar panels. We would like to give you tips on what to look out for after receiving a solar panel quote.

Digital approach

Is a solar panel quote online convenient?

In today’s digital world, we do more and more online, including prescribing solar panel quotes. How convenient is that really? Well, it is very convenient and it can also save you time and money. By requesting the quote online, you actually skip a step: the inspection. The inspection involves a consultant coming out to your house to assess your roof. During the inspection, an adviser will tell you more about the space you have on the roof and the possibilities you have for solar panels. This is fine, but it does take more time. When you consider that you want to get more than one quote, this can become time-consuming.

By requesting your solar panel quote online, you don’t spend unnecessary money on the inspection. The inspection for solar panels actually takes place online using satellite technology, where you can zoom in to your house and see the possibilities of solar panels on your roof for yourself. As the quote is provided without obligation, it does not cost you a thing.

A smooth online process

The quickest way to a solar panel quote

In recent years, the market for solar panels has grown rapidly. In the United Kingdom we’ve come a long way in the solar energy market, but there’s still plenty of potential. So we are already doing well, and this is reflected in the huge range of solar panel installers and suppliers available on the UK market. And because all these different parties have to compete with each other, they do everything they can to secure you as a customer. This means there can be big differences between quotations. Is the cheapest offer for solar panels always the right choice? No, it’s not always the case and we will explain why.

More than a price

Why look at more than the price of solar panels?

A solar panel system will last at least 25 years. During that period, you want to enjoy a high energy yield and an efficient and functional system. Have you received a remarkably cheap offer for solar panels? If so, there may be more to it. Perhaps the quote is for lower quality solar panels or less favourable warranty conditions. Our advice is, therefore, not to choose a solar company based exlusively on the cost price.

What should I look for in the solar panel quote?

The solar panel quote is a complete picture of the cost, potential energy yield, payback period, guarantees and possibilities of solar panels at your address. The most important aspect of the quote depends on your personal preference. If you have three or four quotations for solar panels, we recommend comparing the following aspects.

Price per Watt peak

Each solar panel has its own peak power. The peak power of solar panels can range from 200 Wp to even 450 Wp. The higher the peak power of a solar panel, the higher its potential annual energy yield. However, it can also be beneficial to install solar panels with a slightly lower peak power on the roof if you want to fit more solar panels. This is due to the fact that these kinds of solar panels are also slightly smaller, making better use of roof space. But of course, this depends on the space on the roof.


Payback period

The payback period of solar panels is actually - at least for a large number of people - the most important point to consider from a financial point of view. Buying solar panels is a considerable investment, and you would prefer to get that investment back in the short term. We recommend considering the expected payback time of your solar panels, but also look at the right quality. Assume the cheaper or less adequate quotes have a better payback period applied, but in reality lack quality and yield. Opt for the ratio of the best price and a favourable payback period.


Solar panel warranty

The warranty on solar panels is also important. The system will be on your roof for about 25 years, and within this period you want to enjoy a high energy yield and optimal functionality of the system. Most companies offer a standard two-year installation warranty and approximately 10-year product warranty. At Soly, we go above and beyond the standard warranty. We offer a 30-year guarantee on solar panels, a 15-year warranty on home batteries and a 10-year workmanship guarantee on installation.


What else should you pay attention to?

The brand of the solar panels, the inverter and the mounting materials are always worth considering when assessing a solar panel quote. Are all these reputable and well-known brands? The answer to that question tells you a lot about the quality of the system.



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