The energy genius of your household

The world around us is changing rapidly. We are dispensing with devices that cause pollution and welcoming their electric counterparts. A good step for the environment. But among all these sparkling new devices, full of smart (and sometimes dumb) technology, an important question arises: how can we better manage our energy consumption? Fortunately, the Soly Brain® is ready to help you in this. Available from the end of 2023.

Full insight into your energy household
Optimise and personalise
Save on energy (costs)
Combine Soly Brain® with Soly Energy

What is an energy management system?

A Home Energy Management (HEM) system is an advanced energy system designed to monitor, manage, and optimise the energy consumption of a household. It enables households to accurately measure their energy consumption, understand their energy patterns, and take energy-saving measures. It also allows households to automatically control the inverter, home battery, and charging station in order to improve energy efficiency. And it’s available at Soly!

How does Soly Brain® work?

Soly Brain® is an energy management system that connects all energy flows in a household with an intelligent system. Based on your consumption behaviour and smart algorithms, it optimises your energy consumption. You can thus start using up to 10% more of your own solar power and save on your energy bill. Let’s have a look:

As the sun slowly rises, your home battery also starts charging. You will have to wait before starting your washing machine because there is not yet enough solar energy to cover its consumption. In the afternoon, it gets cloudier. In order to avoid using expensive mains power, wait before starting your washing machine. But not for long. Soly Brain® reports that there will be plenty of sunshine again in a few hours. It also knows that you usually have lunch around this time. That’s why Soly Brain® allows your microwave oven to use energy from the home battery. After lunch, you hear a beep. It’s not your microwave but rather the Soly App. A notification: “Sufficient solar power available”. You don’t wait any longer and turn on the washing machine. Once it is done, the battery recharges so that in the evening, when the sun is not shining, you can still enjoy your own solar energy. Is the battery flat? Only after that will you draw power from the grid!

Get the most out of your generated power

Thanks to Soly Brain®, you have more control over your energy consumption. You can link all your energy consumers into a single system, which you can monitor and optimise, thereby saving on your energy costs. All this whilst relieving the energy grid and helping create a better world.

What to expect from us

From Q4 of 2023, Soly Brain® is expected to be included as standard in the following cases: the purchase or rental of solar panels, the purchase of a home battery, and/or the switch to Soly dynamic energy. You can purchase Soly Brain® separately for €349 (including VAT). You then have to install it yourself according to the instructions. Soly Brain® is compatible with the following brands: Growatt, Enphase, Sungrow, SMA, Fronius.


Energy management in a single app

With separate apps per device, it is difficult to get a clear understanding of your energy flows and savings. But Soly Brain® and the accompanying Soly app connect all your sustainable devices such as solar panels, home battery, and charging station. It also lets you track the energy consumption of your other (smart) devices. This gives you an insight into your entire energy balance. Research showed that with the use of live view, you can save an average of 6.4% on your power consumption.

Upgrade your energy

Optimise and personalise

Soly Brain® provides an insight into the impact of both current and new systems. It knows your devices, consumption, and patterns and provides personalised optimisations for your energy management. Think about increasing self-consumption, controlling devices, or product recommendations. This will help you save costs and avoid wasting energy. This allows you to charge your electric car intelligently. For example, directly at the connection or only with solar power. Soly Brain® can also advise you on new systems (e.g. a home battery) and select the best option for your situation.

control over your expenses

Save on energy (costs)

With Soly Brain®, you have more control over your energy consumption and can thus increase energy and cost efficiency. Discover standby consumers and set timetables in order to avoid wasting energy or increase self-consumption so you can draw less power from the grid. You can also plan energy-intensive activities at times of lower energy rates or an abundance of renewable energy. You can thus enjoy lower energy costs. Especially if you combine this with our dynamic energy contracts. All this gives you flexibility and allows the optimal use of renewable energy sources.

Smart energy management

Combine Soly Brain® with Soly Energy

Soly Brain can be combined with Soly Energy, our dynamic energy contracts. As the owner of solar panels, you can also enjoy the benefits of dynamic energy. The smart technology recognises favourable energy prices and automatically switches off your inverter as soon as there is a surplus of (green) low-cost energy available on the grid. That way, you can save – or even make – money. Soly Brain can also control your home battery or charging station so that they are charged at convenient times. This creates an additional revenue model, saves energy costs, and relieves the energy grid.


Sustainable living without compromising comfort

Soly Brain® contributes to sustainability by enabling you to be more energy conscious and reduce your carbon footprint. By promoting energy efficiency and integrating renewable energy sources, you can make your home more sustainable and contribute to a greener future. By matching your energy consumption to times when there is an abundance of renewable energy, you not only relieve the grid but also increase the use of renewable energy sources (and reduce your dependence on grey energy sources). You can thus live more sustainably without compromising comfort.


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