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Would you like a quote for solar panels? With Soly, you can do that very easily, and also completely online. We use accurate, real-time and location-based data to map your roof. You will immediately receive a quote with data on the yield and payback period of solar panels, compared to the investment costs. At the same time, our inspection is digital, saving you time and money. How does the request for a solar panel quote work? At Soly, we have the Solar Configurator for that. In just a few steps, we produce a preliminary plan and quote tailored to your situation and needs. Find out how.

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Want to request a solar quote at Soly? We have made our Solar Configurator particularly user-friendly, so that anyone can easily go through the tool. Extra nice to know: it is completely non-binding. After going through the configurator, you will receive the personal offer for solar panels, after which you can decide whether or not to request a (no-obligation) consultation with one of our advisers.

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Enter your address

Based on your address, we calculate the benefits of solar panels at your location.


Current and expected power consumption

With this, we provide an informed advice on the number of solar panels that suits your consumption pattern.


Solar panels and home battery

Do you want solar panels stand alone, or combined with a home battery?


Forecast number of solar panels and yield

Part of our free quotation is a forecast of the number of solar panels we are going to install and the potential yield.


Receive a personalised quote

Happy with your qoute? Then let's take it to another level. Schedule a free consultation.

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