Solar panels and solar battery

Once you generate power with solar panels, you will be classified as a small solar energy producer. Good job! In addition to saving on your energy bills, you are also making a contribution to sustainability. You may also be able to generate more solar energy than you consume. In this case, the excess power is fed back into the grid. Do you find that a shame? So do we. That’s why you can opt for solar panels combined with a solar battery with us. This will provide numerous advantages.

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What is a solar battery?

A solar battery or home accumulator allows temporary storage of excess power generated. You can then use this energy at times when your solar panels do not generate enough energy (e.g. in the evening hours). This means you really get the most out of self-generated energy, which is quite sustainable. Enjoy all the advantages of a solar battery.

How big is a solar battery?
The solar battery is comparable in size to a gas boiler or a small washing machine. Because of its size and function, the accumulator is preferably placed in a cool and spacious location – such as in the garage. What about the capacity of a solar battery? Solar batteries are currently quite an investment. We always base ourselves on the most favourable cost-benefit analysis. We recommend supplying a battery with 1 to 1.5 kWh per kiloWatt peak (kWp) of solar panel installation. If the solar panel installation has a 6 kWp capacity, we would choose an 8 kWh solar battery.


How many solar panels will fit on my roof?

Would you like to know exactly how many solar panels will fit on your roof? You can find out after completing the Solar Configurator. Based on your preference, our advisers will contact you without obligation. In this, we use a handy on-line tool in which we can remotely calculate the space on the roof and the number of possible solar panels. We will be happy to advise you on the possibilities and provide transparent advice on the added value of a home battery in your own situation.


Sustainable savings with solar energy

Whether you choose to purchase or rent solar panels, you will soon start reaping the benefits. Are you considering purchasing a home battery? If so, you should always do this in combination with solar panels. You can then store the excess power generated from solar panels using the home battery. In our Solar Configurator, you simply enter your current power consumption. Based on the number of solar panels selected, you will see how much power you can generate in a year. This clarifies the potential surplus of solar energy. Based on this, you can decide on a home battery. Profitability is key in this.


Yield of solar panels with a home battery

If you opt for the combination of solar panels and a solar battery, we are not talking directly about yield. Yet the home battery is financially attractive. Why is that? During the day, solar panels can generate a fluctuating number of kWh. If you are not at home during the day – and therefore use electrical appliances less – you will have an energy surplus. This surplus of generated solar energy is stored in the home battery or home accumulator.

When you get home in the evening, you start using appliances, but your solar panels will usually not generate solar energy. In order to get round this, you do not need to use the electricity grid directly but can rely on your solar battery. This will save you money. How high those savings are depends on the daily yield, consumption, and capacity of both the solar panels and the solar battery, among other things. Want to calculate the benefit? You can do that with our Solar Configurator.

Modular system
By the way, did you know that solar panel and a solar battery installations are modular? That means you can expand the chosen installation with additional modules at any time. Do you currently have eight solar panels but want to expand to 12? No problem! You can also add separate modules to the solar battery. For example, if the expansion of your solar panel system calls for it.

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