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Soly Customer Story: Dave’s Microinverter Solar System

At Soly, customer satisfaction is our top priority. We're passionate about helping customers achieve their desired solar project and we love hearing about the savings and benefits solar brings them. We want to share stories and insights from our customers in the hope that they might inspire you to start your own solar journey with Soly. You can also check out our brilliant customer reviews which have earned us an 'Excellent' rating on Trustpilot and 4.8 stars on Google. In this instalment of our 'Happy Customer' series, we spoke to Dave Marsh from Southampton. He opted to install a solar system with microinverters, which was something he found not all solar companies could offer him. Read on to find out about the advantages of microinverters compared to string inverters.

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    We spoke to Soly customer Dave Marsh from Southampton about his experience

    Can you tell me about the solar system you had installed?

    “I had 8 solar panels and 8 microinverters installed on a south facing, semi-detached house.”


    When did you have your solar panels installed and how long did the process take?

    “I got in contact with Soly towards the end of April and my solar installation took place on 24th May 2024, so the whole process only took 4-5 weeks!”


    Microinverters Explained:

    Inverters convert the direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC) so the energy generated from your solar panels can be used within your home. A traditional string inverter works by converting the output of all panels within a system, whereas microinverters are attached to each individual panel. This means that if part of the roof is shaded and the efficiency of one panel drops, it will not affect the efficiency of the whole system.

    "The Soly price was the most competitive"

    What led you to look into solar panels?

    “I started looking into solar panels because I’m interested in green energy and mindful of our impact on the environment. I had already got an electric vehicle which I’m on an overnight tariff for and my daughter had already installed solar panels so I was very aware of the benefits. I was also surprised at how affordable they were  – I thought they would be about £20,000 but they are more like a quarter of that!”


    Why did you choose Soly?

    “I contacted 3 different solar companies and got 3 quotes for my solar project. The first one wasn’t great: the price the sales consultant gave me was really confusing and he tried to get me to switch over to Octopus Energy. I really had to pin him down to give me a straight answer on how much it would cost. The second quote I got was from George at Soly. I was impressed with the proposition and really interested in the microinverters. The third company came round to the house and said they could only fit 5 panels on the roof.

    In the end, it was the Soly price that was the most competitive but the main reason I went with Soly was because it’s got the backing of Shell and they have over 10 years of experience working in the solar industry in The Netherlands – a leading country in the renewable energy sector. I was also confident with how George dealt with things and the communication was good.”


    What was the Soly sales process like?

    “I retired a couple of years ago but my last role involved working from home so I’m used to communicating via video call and I felt that worked well for me. The Soly sales consultant, George, was very good and I was then handed over to my dedicated project manager, Raya, who has been very helpful. She answered all my questions and supported with getting an issue with invoices sorted. Having a dedicated project manager checking in with me throughout the process was very reassuring.”

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    "It's given me more freedom to use electricity at home"

    How did the installation day go? 

    “The installation day was good. I was really happy with the installers who came out to my property. I had a good laugh with them, they explained what they were doing and helped me get connected to the app once the system was up and running. The installation was a straightforward process and it only took one day.”


    What benefits have you seen since your installation with Soly?

    “Within the first few weeks of having the panels, I’ve been looking at the app and playing around with the live status. I wanted the energy generated by the solar panels to cover the daily running of my house, such as computers, things on standby, microwave, dishwasher etc and it’s already doing that. I’m even getting AC put in next week because I can now use solar energy to power it.

    Switching to solar has given me more freedom to use electricity at home without worrying about my energy bills and once I get to the point of selling to the grid, I’ll be able to make a bit of a profit through using my overnight tariff!”

    "Smooth process and excellent results"

    Describe your overall experience with Soly. 

    “It has been a smooth process with excellent results. The pre-installation process was good: agreement for purchase was efficient and effective, I was happy with the price and products offered and was very impressed and interested by the microinverters. The installation day was straightforward and well organised and I’m extremely pleased with the benefits we’re seeing post-installation.”


    Would you recommend Soly to a friend? 

    “Yes, I would. I’ve got some friends who I talk about tech to, although I’m not sure if they are in the market for solar. They are all like me and will get 3 quotes but I would definitely recommend they get one from Soly, especially as I would encourage them to get microinverters and not all companies offer these.”


    What advice would you give to others considering switching to solar? 

    “Go for the microinverter route. I’ve got a friend who had solar installed a few years ago and he has trees that cover some of his panels. He wasn’t aware that microinverters existed to combat this issue. Also, don’t be put off by thinking they are unaffordable. I thought I’d be looking at a 20 year payback period, but I think it will only take about 5 years for me to recoup the investment.

    Even though I didn’t get a battery, I would encourage people to consider them – my daughter has a battery and she is really happy with hers.”

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