Are there grants for the solar battery?

In its mission NetZero 2050, the United Kingdom has set some challenging targets. The transition to a more sustainable energy economy for businesses and households is an important part of those goals. In this article, we discuss the current situation surrounding the solar battery. For example, are there subsidies or other financial schemes available for the purchase of the solar battery?


0% VAT on solar battery

A flat VAT rate of 0% applies to various domestic renewable installations. These include, for example, the installation of solar panels or a solar battery. As for now, the reduced rate will apply from 1 April 2022 until 31 March 2027. However, keep in mind that the 0% VAT for a solar battery only applies when purchasing a solar system. When installed as a standalone product, the solar battery does not qualify for the 0% VAT rate.

Sustainable objectives in the UK
To become emission-free by 2050, the UK still has some important steps to take. These include making at least 29 million households independent of fossil fuels, and switching to sustainable alternatives such as solar and wind power. And thus households should be encouraged to invest in energy-efficient solutions for the future. This was of course already happening in the form of solar panels, and now so is the solar battery. The 0% VAT rate on solar panels and the solar battery is helping households to ensure a smooth transition to solar energy, and lays the foundation for low-cost, green energy in the future.

Solar battery benefits
Aside from the financial solutions that help you invest in solar batteries, there’s more. Solar batteries have a strong added value compared to solar panels. Listen to this: Do you have solar panels but no home battery yet? Then you are only 30-50 per cent independent from the energy grid. If you also decide to buy a home battery, your independence from the grid grows to 60-80 per cent. That’s a financial step that will save you up to several hundred pounds annually, depending on your standard consumption.


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