The efficiency of 9 solar panels

Are you curious about the cost of 9 solar panels? Then you have come to the right place. We will tell you all about the price, yield and return from 9 solar panels on your roof. Take the next step towards a sustainable future together with Soly, while making substantial savings on your energy bill at the same time. What do 9 solar panels cost?

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Is my roof suitable for 9 solar panels?

Do you expect your roof to be suitable for 9 solar panels, or is that the exact number that will soon allow you to live energy-neutral? Then of course you will want to know all about the cost of 9 solar panels. It may also be interesting to find out how the price of solar panels is structured. Would you like to know immediately what you can save after installation? You can do that with our Solar Configurator. In just three steps you will know what you will save, how many solar panels will fit on your roof and what the payback time is.

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Price structure 9 solar panels

The price for 9 solar panels starts at around £ 4,700 at 0% VAT. Why is there a big difference between the average costs for 9 panels? The additional components and choices that are made based on your personal situation: flat or pitched roof, slope of the roof, orientation and the likelihood of shade, impact the final price.

Power guarantee

Power and efficiency of 9 solar panels

The efficiency on solar panels says something about the efficiency with which a panel’s solar cells convert sunlight into direct current. For 9 solar panels, we at Soly guarantee a modulating efficiency of no less than 21.27% which is unique within the solar market. Meet our innovative products with the highest solar panel efficiency. With our 25-year linear power guarantee, you are also assured of a fine yield in the future.

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Buying solar panels

If you choose to buy solar panels, you make a conscious choice to become 100% owner of your own system. You pay a fixed, one-off amount. The payback period is between 3 and 5 years based on current electricity tariffs.