Price for 16 solar panels

In today's fickle energy market, choosing solar panels is becoming the choice of many. If you are curious about the cost for 16 solar panels, we can tell you more about the possibilities. A set of 16 PV panels is a substantial investment in a sustainable future. One that will also enable you to make considerable savings on your energy bill. Get to know the possibilities at Soly.

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What is the price of 16 solar panels?

The price of buying 16 solar panels starts at around £ 6,900 pounds. This includes installation and 0% VAT. With our roof scan for solar panels, using the Solar Configurator, you will know within three steps how much money you can save and what your payback period will be. The outcome of the simulator is indicative and remains dependent on various external factors. Our solar advisors are happy to look online at the options at your address.


Calculation on yield of 16 solar panels

Annual payback

Just as important as the price of 16 panels is of course the yield of solar panels. The yield from solar panels is expressed in kiloWatt hours (kWh). The annual yield from 16 solar panels is approximately 5,500 kWh. In the UK, this yield is not always achieved. The actual average yield from 16 solar panels might be slightly lower, say, around 5,350 kWh.


Cost of 16 solar panels

Indication of the cost structure

How are the costs for 16 solar panels calculated? Besides the PV panels themselves, there’s a whole system of technical equipment involved. We are talking about the microinverters, the mounting materials and cabling among other things. These components are all essential to a solar installation converting direct current solar energy to alternating current. Assembly and labour are also included. Through our Solar Configurator, all costs, as well as 0% VAT, are taken into account in the total price for 16 solar panels. Receive a clear indication of costs and returns.

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Efficiency of 16 solar panels

The efficiency of solar panels translates to a certain output, which is expressed in Watt peak (Wp). ‘Module efficiency’ is the efficiency with which a solar module converts sunlight into energy. Our revolutionary solar panels have a module efficiency of no less than 21.27%. Very high, if compared to a lot of our competitors. We will continue to invest in our products in the coming years, so that we can assure you of an excellent yield and a unique return from solar panels.



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