Yield of 14 solar panels

Want to save on your energy bill and find out more about the cost of 14 solar panels? Together with Soly, choose the sustainable route forward. Good for the world around us, and even better for your own wallet. With all those solar panel providers, it's hard to find the right partner. We assure you of the right balance between power, yield and cost. What is the price for 14 solar panels?

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Buying solar panels

The price of 14 solar panels starts at around £ 6,300 including installation and at 0% VAT. The exact price of solar panels depends on several factors, such as whether you choose a parallel or series system and additional materials. You can easily calculate an indicative cost price in the Solar Configurator. In three steps you will know your yield and payback time based on 14 solar panels.

  1. Enter your address details and see whether your roof is suitable
  2. Share your electricity consumption on an annual basis (supplier’s annual statement)
  3. Determine the number of solar panels

In the last step of the Solar Configurator, we provide an overview of your situation, including the indicative yield of solar panels and the payback time. We do this without any obligation!


Calculate price 14 solar panels

Sustainable and economical

If you want to calculate the cost of 14 solar panels, it is good to know how we arrive at that calculation. The system consists of more than just the solar panels on the roof. Just think of the installation labour itself, as well as the microinverters, mounting materials and cabling. We also want to guarantee a quality installation, which is why we routinely take the time to do everything right the first time.


Guaranteed returns

Payback period of 14 solar panels

Are you curious about the return on 14 solar panels? Each solar panel converts sunlight into direct current, after which the microinverter behind it produces the alternating current we use in the home. Efficiency is at the heart of this. The solar panels of Soly have an average efficiency of 21.27%. Quite at the higher end of the industry. The panels also have a high peak output power of no less than 425 Wp. In recent years, we have invested continuously in the quality and performance of our products. We demonstrate this by offering comprehensive warranties on our products. Get yourself the highest return on solar energy. Join Soly.

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