The price of 12 solar panels

Good thing you're looking for the cost of 12 solar panels. That means you have already taken the first steps towards your own clean, low-cost solar energy. Do you already have an idea of your power needs and will 12 solar panels fit on your roof? Then read below what it will cost you and how we calculate this price. With us, you don't just buy solar panels, but a complete solar installation, with microinverters, installation and everything else that allows you to generate your own solar power completely independently and carefree.

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What is the yield of 12 solar panels?

What is the yield of 12 solar panels? With 12 solar panels, you can generate at least 3,750 kWh of solar energy per year, and often even more! On average, the price of installing 12 solar panels will start at £ 5,600 pounds, at 0% VAT. Want to know exactly what solar panels will cost and yield you? Then go to our Solar Configurator. Here you can calculate your price of solar panels within a minute. An indicative and accurate roof scan for solar panels.


Your savings with 12 solar panels

What's the payback period of your system?

If you normally pay £ 0.24 per kWh, you will save over £ 860 per year with your solar panels. These savings mean you will have earned back your £ 5,600 investment in about 6 years. Can you also balance your bills? Then the payback period is practically always shorter. Energy prices are currently high, so chances are that your savings are actually higher and the payback period shorter.


Buying price 12 solar panels

Investing in solar energy

An investment in a complete solar installation with 12 solar panels starts at around £ 5,600. This amount is at 0% VAT. In the UK, solar panels are currently 0% VAT until 31st March 2027. If you want to buy solar panels, you will earn the investment back within a few years. How long it takes for you to earn back your investment is what’s called the payback period. Your solar panels generate electricity that you would otherwise of course be paying for. With 12 solar panels, you generate around 3,750 to 4,250 kWh annually.

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How are the prices for 12 solar panels arrived at?

At Soly, we regularly get this question. An understandable question, as solar panels are the most visible part of the installation. Your solar panels don’t generate power on their own, without the necessary cabling, microinverters and all the other parts of your installation. To establish the price per solar panel, you have to divide the cost of the entire installation by the number of solar panels. The following components affect the price of solar panels:

✓ 12 solar panels
✓ Microinverters
✓ Mounting material
✓ Cabling
✓ Installation costs
✓ Transport costs

Do you want to know what you will pay for 12 solar panels, and what the system will yield you? Calculate within one minute what is possible thanks to the Solar Configurator.

The best sustainable solution for your situation
Your type of house or roof also determines what mounting material is needed, how the cabling is laid and how many hours the installers will need to complete your installation. Calculate your price in one minute with the Solar Configurator. Satisfied with the price? If so, we can often install the solar panels at your home, when you are ready.



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