Reasons to get solar panels in {location}?

icon   Slash your energy bills – Save up to £ {savings_amount} per year in {location} with solar panels

icon   Reduce reliance on fluctuating energy costs – With a reliable independent power source

icon   Local certified installers in {location}  – Quality installations and after care

icon   Increase the value of your home – Reduce your carbon footprint


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Join {houses_solar} households in {location_houses} with solar
Your neighbours in {location} are starting their solar journey, you can start today.
Harness the power of the sun and contribute to a sustainable future for generations to come.
Buy solar together in {location}
Collective purchasing of solar panels offers you as a homeowner access to discounted rates and faster installations.
Participate in collective purchasing of solar panels to unlock exclusive discounts, while fostering a sense of bettering your community.
Save over {numbers_co2} kg of CO2 in 2024
That's around {number_miles} miles with a petrol driven car.
Embrace sustainable choices and be part of the positive environmental change.

Why Soly?

 Enjoy higher discounts – Offers now in {location}

Save up to £{savings_amount} per year on your energy bills

Start saving right away – Bills reduced from day one

Fast quality installations – Installations usually within 7 weeks

Profitable investment in {payback_period} – Industry average is 14 years

Market leading warranties – Performance guaranteed

Find out how much you can save in {location}

Receive a free no obligation quotation with insights into your savings

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Soly vs the Market

Rest of the market


  • Maximum efficiency and reliability with a Microinverter systems

  • Average of 7 to 8 years to pay back investment

  • Performance guarantees on panels and microinverters of 25 years

  • Products accredited by the US Fire Department, with DC to AC electrical transformation on the roof and rapid shutdown technology

  • 10 year workmanship guarantee

  • Rated Excellent on Trustpilot ⭐

The rest of the market

  • Single string inverters which are more susceptible to reduced efficiency

  • Average of 14 years to pay back investment

  • Performance guarantees on inverters and panels of 10-12 years

  • High voltage DC output running down the side of the house

  • 1-2 year workmanship guarantee

  • Varied ratings on Trustpilot

{location} is going sustainable with solar panels


The best time to go solar is now. Soly’s group buying scheme provides you with quality products, local MCS certified installers and discounted rates on your solar solution

Our solar panel packages

Depending on how much energy you want to produce and store, there are different packages available. Our experts can help you understand which package meets your needs. 

 2,500 kWh Year

from £8,762
Save up to £1,300 p/y*

If energy consumption is:
< 2.500 kWh*
8x 435Wp all black Tier-1 Panels
Enphase IQ battery (5kWh)
8x Enphase IQ8MC microinverters
Installation and scaffolding included

 3,500 kWh Year

from £9,489
Save up to £1,300 p/y*

If energy consumption is:
2.500 - 4.500 kWh
10x 435Wp all black Tier-1 Panels
Enphase IQ battery (5kWh)
10x Enphase IQ8MC microinverters
Installation and scaffolding included

4,500 kWh year

from £10,561
Save up to £1,300 p/y*

If energy consumption is:
>4.500 kWh*
12x 435Wp all black Tier-1 Panels
Enphase IQ battery (5kWh)
12x Enphase IQ8MC microinverters
Installation and scaffolding included

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Find out how much you can save in {location}

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What is collective purchasing of solar panels?
Collective purchasing, also known as group buying, allows multiple homeowners to join together to purchase solar panels in bulk. By leveraging the collective buying power, participants can access discounted rates and streamline the installation process. We can tell you more about it during a digital consultation.
How does collective purchasing benefit me?
Collective purchasing offers several benefits, including cost savings through bulk discounts, simplified decision-making with certified reputable installers in your region, and peace of mind knowing that you're part of a community-driven initiative to promote renewable energy. Our collective purchasing collective is active until 31st of March.
Is my home suitable for solar panels?
Most homes are suitable for solar panel installations, as long as they have a roof with adequate sunlight exposure. Our team will conduct a digital assessment to determine your home's suitability and provide tailored recommendations for your solar energy needs.
What happens after I sign up for collective purchasing?
Once you sign up for collective purchasing, our team will guide you through the process, from initial registration to installation. You'll receive personalised support, including a digital consultation, quotation based on your situation and energy needs. We'll keep you informed every step of the way.
Are the installers certified?
Yes, we partner only with reputable and certified installers who meet high standards of quality, safety, and customer satisfaction. Our installers have extensive experience in solar panel installations and adhere to industry best practices to ensure reliable performance and long-term satisfaction.